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Accountancy and Tax Applications Program

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The main aim of the program is to educate students who are active in the sector. The students will have comprehend the new trends , applications and needs ın the sector. They will have skills such as problem solving, entrepreneurship and analytical thinking. We aim to educate qualified intermediate members who have knowledge of accountancy and tax legislations to answer the need of accountancy and finance sections of the instutitions. Besides, we aim to establish a profound knowledge acquirement for the students tprepare them for the continuous education process(DGS).

The skills that are tried to acquire to the students are as follows; to comprehend the basic knowledge on the accountancy and tax applications, functions of accountancy and its importance, to follow the Professional legislations, to analyzse the financial structure, to gain the practice of using financial structure while making decisions. The education program is compased within the frame of these aims and the students learn packet programs (Akınsoft Wolvox, ETA, LOGO, MS Office Tools). They also learn to carry officail correspondances. They can keep records on boks such as; boook of first entry, ledger journal, minute book and business records.


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