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The aim of the vocational education is to accomplish education process via graduating students who encompensate the expectations of the industrial producer, learn to reach the information, to renew himself, searcher, to have the analytical thinking, to be able to make synthesis, to comprehend the Professional ethic, to be able to communicate easily with his environment, and also have responsiblity. In this context Vocational School Textile Technology Program aims to graduate students who have the following specialities; to have ınformation on the textile production stages, management and work processes; to make calculations, to operate the machines, to follow the work process, to follow and adjust to the new trends in the field, to reach the ınformation sources, to express himself in verbal and written language, to make research in order to solve problems and to be able to present solution options for the problems.

Textile Technology Program; involves the processes which fiber run through till it takes the form demanded by the consumer (making lines from fiber, waving or knitting the fiber, dying and printing, finishing applications). Textile Finishing Technology is called all the processes which develop the usage properities of the material and make it more attractive.

In our vocational school students learn Professional lessons besides general culture lessons in our colour measuring and dying labrotories. They learn how to use the machines and they graduate as equipped with the carry the required test. (to see the devices and the applications to be done please click). Also, students have to attend 30 day internship program in order to reinforce their theoratical knowledge. Besides they attend trips and expositions related to their fields. “Textile Technician” title is given to the graduated from our program and they can work as a foreman or chef in the factories on this area.

The students can also complete their university degree via transffering to undergraduate education programs such as Textile Engineering and related programs.


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