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Tourism and Hotel Management

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Having an important place in the service sector tourism sector is growing up in our country day by day and has profound effects on our country`s economy. There is a constant increase in the number of the people who attend to the tourism activities and in the number of tourism activities as well. Depending on this increase, tourism sector needs qualified personnels to run the business.

The main aim of the program is to educate personnels who have the following specialities as; to have required knowledge and experience, to be competent at a foreign language, to be able to use computer Technologies, to have the ability to decide and apply them, to follow the developments ın the tourism sector, to give importance to the qualified service, to have a wide vision, to be a good entrepreneur and to be open to developments.

In order to have qualified members in the service sector, education and internship have great importance. The students of the program have their internship at the local or country instutitions at the end of the two years.

Graduated students can work at the hotel business and besides they can work at ; travel agencies, beverage services, thermal tourism centers, tour operator business, congres-conference centers, marina management, airlines and charter management, marine and cruvazier management, related departments of the culture and tourism ministry, ınformation centers and academic careers are avaliable for the ones who continue their educatipn.

Our graduated students can also run their own business.

Graduated students have “Tourism and Hotel Management Program Associate Degree Certificate”. If they are successful at DGS (External Transfer Examination) they can continue their education in the programs such as; management, management ınformatics, management-economy, hotel management, hotel management education, tourism management, tourism and hotel management.


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