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Gerze Vocational High School

Graphic Design Program

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Graphic Design Program aims to develop effective advertisement strategies by activating technical and artistic abilities and sending the target message via using these abilities in the advertisement sector. In this concept, we aim to graduate qualified people who are expert in typography, graphic design, prepareing to printing and desktop publishing.

Another aim of the program is to gain the students the abilities such as; competent to use the equipment by following the new trends in the world.

Students have the opportunity to apply their theoritical knowledge into practice via mandotory summer internship.

External Transfer Examination

Students can apply to the programs of the different universities as follows;
1. Photograph
2. Photograph and Video
3. Graphic
4. Graphic Arts and Graphic Design
5. Graphic Arts
6. Graphic Design
7. Visual Communication Design
8. Communication Design
9. Communication and Design
10. Communication Design and Management


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