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Garment and Manufacturing Program

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Aim of the Program

Garment Manufacturing Technology aims to educate qualified, talented people who have responsibility from begining to the end of the production process. Throughout the education process the students get the practice and applied studies of the theoratical ınformation of the school subjects. The graduated students have their places in the work life via accomplishing learning terms adjusted to the current technological developments.

Targets of the Program
The priority of the program is to educate students who have equipped with the management of the workshop, drawing models, patterns and have the knowledge fort he textile products.

The Work Places of the Graduated Students
They can work at the following sections of the textile and ready-made sector:
- Planning department
- Model-pattern department
- Cutting department
- Sewing Department
- Quality Check
- Customer representative

The Job Oppurtunities for the Graduated
The graduates students can work at the public sector and ready-made sector and private companies. They can also open their own workshop şn their own limits.

The Future of the Profession
Textile and ready-made sector is one of the promising sectors of the country. Textile sector is the important sector which compensate the %35-%40 of the Turkey export trade.

The External Transmission Examination Programs
- Garment Industry Teaching
- Garment Teacher Program
- Ready-Made Teacher Program
- Fashion Design Teacher
- Fashion and Textile Design
- Textile and Fashion


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