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Radio and Television Programming Program

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Radio and Television Programming Program
Radio and television programming program educate students with the aim of their being efficient users at visual, audial, printed and electronic environments. Also they know the mass media elements, and to be efficient users of the these equipments.
Program students learn the equipments they will use at their work places also they take education on concepts and they can find solutions to the problems of the professional life.

The Aim of the Program
Radio and television programming program especially aims to educate students who are qualified for the radio and television broadcasting leading the mass media tools. It is a program which search on the communication education and search giving information on the comprehending various events.

Career Opportunities
The ones who graduate form the program take positions on govenrment and special instutitions as well as Radio, Television, Cinema sector, producing, radio-television programming and news programs, film directing also.

Point type: YGS-4
The External Transfer Programs
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• Film Designing
• Photograph and Video
• Journalism
• Visual Communication
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