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Bus Captaincy Program

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Bus Captaincy Program

In todays world highway transportation has a significant place in transportation and it is a complementary element of the other types of transportations. No matter what type of the transportation is used highway transportation is and will always be an indispensable part of the transportation.

The aim of the program is graduate students who are qualified, managing the human relations, care for the customers, motivated to apply all of the rules to have a safe trip, to apply first-aid and required interpositions, have the responsibilty and have the principle of service qulity.

YGS Point Type: YGS-5

Job Opportunities for Graduated Students

The students who graduate from the bus captaincy program have right to contunıe their education on the Travel Management and Travel Management - Tour Guide Programs. They can also pass to the related programs of the faculties on Open-Learning Education Program.

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